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Dear Fellow Romans:

The LAHighAlumni.org website was originally created in 2004 for the Class of 1964. In 2005 I was asked to expand the site's scope to serve all classes. Initially conceived as a tool for planning and promoting reunions, it quickly became much more. The site now includes an online archive of nostalgia and LAHS memorabilia (particularly yearbooks), as well as a method for Romans of all ages to connect with each other.

I even made it my business to attend many reunions to take pictures to post on the site. The website belongs to all alumni for sharing memories and the mutual fondness for our over-140-year-old alma mater, as well as a place to learn about the school today.

Regretfully, I can no longer continue to develop and maintain the site. THIS IS NOT A CALL FOR DOLLARS! The Harrison Trust has generously agreed to take over the cost of hosting and assist with the site maintenance.  This is a call for action and participation – for me this has been an uncompensated labor of love and I believe it can only survive as such. The technical part of the site development is complete and is set up to allow people to join, login, change their information, post notices or send an e-blast to our growing database. We now need some dedicated Romans to help monitor, provide content and grow the database. The future success of this site depends on your help!

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Tyrannosaurus Sex

Press Release for a Newly Published Alumni Book

“Tyrannosaurus Sex”

by Kevin Glynn; Faculty member 1995- present

Cedar Forge Press

This comic, coming-of-age novel will take you back to the heady days of the Sexual Revolution; from its genesis in the psychedelic Sixties to its apogee in the Seventies; a world “liberated” from tradition but unhinged by drugs, Vietnam, and fast-forward popular culture. The story begins the night young Jack Kelly and his best friend share one last disastrous beer before heading to college and the challenges of manhood ahead embodied by Robin Hawkins, the ultimate “California Girl” from Los Angeles High.

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